Best Ways to Ventilate Your Home

Best Ways to Ventilate Your Home

Americans are coming to appreciate the importance of proper ventilation in their homes. Old houses that were built many decades ago used to be drafty, uncomfortable and very dry during winter, especially due to high air leakage. Thanks to improvements in construction practices and building codes, modern houses incorporate good ventilation practices. However, there is still a large number of homes with inadequate ventilation. Proper ventilation is important for your family’s comfort and health. It helps to remove smoke, moisture, indoor pollutants, and cooking odors. Proper ventilation also protects your home against moisture. Here are some of the best ways to ventilate your home.

Turn on Table Fans and Ceiling Fans

Best Ways to Ventilate Your HomeIf you have table fans and ceiling fans in your home, ensure they are on and maintain a medium to high setting. Ceiling fans trigger air circulation and movement. They then rotate the air between the bottom and sides of the rooms. They can also create a breeze that is powerful enough to push stale air and fumes out of the room. Although table fans are not as strong as the ceiling fans, they can also give you similar results. The most important thing is knowing how to place them. When strategically positioned, table fans and ceiling fans can improve air circulation at home, thus improving ventilation.

Pay Attention to Doors

When it comes to planning for ventilation in a home, some people tend to ignore doors. They tend to forget that doors can play a vital role, towards ventilation. When you open all doors in your home, they allow stale air and fumes out, while bringing in the fresh air. In fact, this is possible even without fans. If you have doors leading outside, you only need to keep them open for at least ten minutes, and you will notice the difference. They will improve ventilation drastically. Close doors that lead nowhere, like pantry and closet doors. This process will ensure stale air is not trapped in enclosed spaces.

Best Ways to Ventilate Your HomeInstall Box Fans In Entrances

Have you noticed constructional workers and professional painters tend to keep box fans with them? Well, they are not meant to make them look fancy. Setting up these relatively cheap and powerful devices in entrances can push fumes and stale air out while pulling air from outside. Although this option is not feasible for daily use, it can create a huge difference, especially if you will encounter fumes in your project such as staining, waxing or painting.

The Air Conditioner

It is almost impossible to find a modern home without an air conditioner. Air conditioners can also promote ventilation. They usually remove heat from the air and then circulate air constantly in your home. Due to this continuous exchange of air, the process removes stale air and fumes while replacing them with fresher and cleaner air. Ensure you replace the filter on the air conditioner regularly. This helps to reduce odors and allergens, minimizes your cooling costs, and keeps your room ventilated.

Bottom Line

All homes should have good ventilation. As you can see, you don’t have to break the bank, to improve ventilation in your home. A few adjustments to your current systems are enough to bring in the fresh air and remove stale air.