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Best Ways to Ventilate Your Home

Best Ways to Ventilate Your Home

Americans are coming to appreciate the importance of proper ventilation in their homes. Old houses that were built many decades ago used to be drafty, uncomfortable and very dry during winter, especially due to high air leakage. Thanks to improvements in construction practices and building codes, modern houses incorporate good ventilation practices. However, there is still a large number of homes with inadequate ventilation. Proper ventilation is important for your family’s comfort and health. It helps to remove smoke, moisture, indoor pollutants, and cooking odors. Proper ventilation also protects your home against moisture. Here are some of the best ways to ventilate your home.

Turn on Table Fans and Ceiling Fans

Best Ways to Ventilate Your HomeIf you have table fans and ceiling fans in your home, ensure they are on and maintain a medium to high setting. Ceiling fans trigger air circulation and movement. They then rotate the air between the bottom and sides of the rooms. They can also create a breeze that is powerful enough to push stale air and fumes out of the room. Although table fans are not as strong as the ceiling fans, they can also give you similar results. The most important thing is knowing how to place them. When strategically positioned, table fans and ceiling fans can improve air circulation at home, thus improving ventilation.

Pay Attention to Doors

When it comes to planning for ventilation in a home, some people tend to ignore doors. They tend to forget that doors can play a vital role, towards ventilation. When you open all doors in your home, they allow stale air and fumes out, while bringing in the fresh air. In fact, this is possible even without fans. If you have doors leading outside, you only need to keep them open for at least ten minutes, and you will notice the difference. They will improve ventilation drastically. Close doors that lead nowhere, like pantry and closet doors. This process will ensure stale air is not trapped in enclosed spaces.

Best Ways to Ventilate Your HomeInstall Box Fans In Entrances

Have you noticed constructional workers and professional painters tend to keep box fans with them? Well, they are not meant to make them look fancy. Setting up these relatively cheap and powerful devices in entrances can push fumes and stale air out while pulling air from outside. Although this option is not feasible for daily use, it can create a huge difference, especially if you will encounter fumes in your project such as staining, waxing or painting.

The Air Conditioner

It is almost impossible to find a modern home without an air conditioner. Air conditioners can also promote ventilation. They usually remove heat from the air and then circulate air constantly in your home. Due to this continuous exchange of air, the process removes stale air and fumes while replacing them with fresher and cleaner air. Ensure you replace the filter on the air conditioner regularly. This helps to reduce odors and allergens, minimizes your cooling costs, and keeps your room ventilated.

Bottom Line

All homes should have good ventilation. As you can see, you don’t have to break the bank, to improve ventilation in your home. A few adjustments to your current systems are enough to bring in the fresh air and remove stale air.

Top Places for Chair Massage in London

Top Places for Chair Massage in London

London has many Chair Massage joints or areas. The following is a list of some of the best chair massage places one cannot afford to miss while in London.

The Marylebone Thai London Therapy

Top Places for Chair Massage in LondonMarylebone Thai London Therapy is just a few meters from the Marylebone station in Rossmore and is easily identified by the large cast iron sculpture that stands in front of it. Here, massage services are precision tailored to suit each need. They offer a broad range of massage treatment combination in the most relaxing environment that encourages the body’s restore and relaxation. Marylebone Thai London Therapy has reliable staff that is always ready to present the most luxurious and soothing treatment to relax the body.

In London, Thai Therapy is the most high-class place where top quality massage is guaranteed at the most affordable price. All therapists at the Thai London are the qualified specialists who provide the best client experience. Customers who have been to the Thai London appraise it due to the good results. A customer with an upper back pain is carefully checked by a therapist who helps to refresh the painful part. New customers can book appointments with the Thai London Marylebone Branch 07984 042277, or pay them a visit at 143 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5QJ. The Marylebone Thai London Therapy branch operates from Monday to Sunday 9.30am – 9.30pm.

The Battersea Rossmore Thai London Therapy

Customers outside Marylebone can access the Thai London on 07872 525489, or pay a visit to their separate branch at 60 Rossmore Road, London NW1 6RB. Rossmore Thai London Therapy presents the range of western and eastern treatments techniques and is performed by their fully experienced therapists who have experience from previous works in Thailand. The Battersea branch also operates from Monday to Sunday 9.00am – 9.30pm. Some of the treatments include CACI Anti-Ageing Treatment, Waxing, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

The Bramleys Pharmaclinix Therapy Room

Top Places for Chair Massage in LondonBramleys Pharmaclinix is located below the Westway flyover where it has its purpose-built. It is a few minutes’ walk from Ladbroke Grove Tube and the Latimer Road Tube. There are knowledgeable and experienced staffs that provide the cleanest environment, comforting, professional and bold services. This stable workforce can help to unwind or relax the body through beauty waxing and men- women massages. Other services offered include Waxing, Eye, and Nail Treatments, as well as other forms of Face Treatments. This location utilizes Dermalogica, Lyon, Kaeso and other famous oil massage brands. There is ample parking at the forecourt. Customers can reach Bramleys Pharmaclinix Therapy Room at 132 Bramley Road Notting Hill London W10 6SU. Bramleys Pharmaclinix Therapy Room operates every Monday to Saturday from 9:30 AM–7:00 PM and is closed on Sunday.

The Eurolink Business Centre TrueDreams Professional Massage

At TrueDreams they offer a long lasting relaxation rest experience. This massage joint provides the broad range of massages that can help to reduce daily stress. Their treatment technique involves the manipulation of deeper and superficial connective muscle tissue layers that promote relaxation and function. Margaret is the leading professional at TrueDreams and most customers like the quality, beautiful and excellent massage technique.


London provides many choices when it comes to massage relaxation. Customers can either check into the Marylebone Thai London Therapy, The Eurolink Business Centre TrueDreams Professional Massage, The Bramleys Pharmaclinix Therapy Room or even the Battersea Rossmore Thai London Therapy. All of these places will guarantee exceptional service.

Modern Ceiling Fan vs Simple Ceiling Fan

Modern Ceiling Fan vs Simple Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are mechanical pieces of equipment (electrical powered) that circulate air in a room. Ceilings fans can be put everywhere, for example, the kitchen, bedroom, garage, patio or even the workshop. Nonetheless, high roof location emphasis is given to the places where families spent most of the time. The ceiling fan is suspended from the roof wall and has hub-mounted rotator blades that circulate air. The rotation speed is regulated depending on the atmosphere, i.e. either humid or non-humid.

The fundamental principle of the fan is to cool a room by introducing slow air movements into an otherwise hot and still-air room. Ceilings fans do not, however, freshen air like the air-conditioning equipment; where cooling happens thermodynamically. Ceiling fans are more efficient than air-conditioners due to the ability to reduce stratifying room warm air by expelling the hot air outside, and occupants have an adequate energy and climate control feeling. The following are some of the few tips to consider whether evaluating ceiling fans.

The Modern Ceiling Fan

Modern Ceiling Fan vs Simple Ceiling FanThe modern ceiling fan has axial blades that expel air corresponding to the direction in which its blades rotate. These fans are customized to a wide range of applications for example in living room lighting. A critical consideration for a current fan is the ability to provide light. This is what differentiates the modern ceiling fan from the average ceiling fan. Modern Ceiling fans come especially handy during summer evenings and when air conditioning is less preferred. Besides, a current would improve a room’s decorative touch. Whether shopping for outdoor or indoor fans, you can simply consider the modern ceiling fan.

Most modern ceiling fans also consist of a fan blade, oscillator shaft, and gearbox, as well as lead armature motor wires. The oscillator is just an installed mechanism that rotates the blade. The armature shaft, on the other hand, is a protruding shaft that is attached to the ceiling and suspended on the wall, along with the close end of the shaft; a bulb is connected to provide ample lighting. The new fans can also be applied to high industrial air conditioning process applications. They come in different diameters like 300, 400, 1800 and 2000 mm and operate under 800 Pa pressure. Examples of modern fans currently available in the market include the Flush Mount Cirrus Ceiling Modern Fan, Ball ceiling fan, torsion ceiling fan, Altus ceiling fan, and the Spitfire ceiling fan.

The Normal Ceiling Fan

Modern Ceiling Fan vs Simple Ceiling FanThe average ceiling fan operates just like the modern ceiling fan only that it lacks a lighting mechanism. It is planned to provide only air cooling. The hugger ceiling fan is a perfect example of a ceiling fan that falls in this category. The fan can be directly anchored straight to the roof in a small profile or hug technique. Standard Ceiling Fans are suitable for well bright rooms where there is no need for extra lighting. The hugger new ceiling fan expels more air than the modern fan since its energy consumption mainly centers on blade rotation but not both light and blade rotation.


Ceilings fans are better than air conditioners and can be installed everywhere, for instance, the workshop, patio or garage. The modern ceiling fans are different from the standard ceiling fans. Normal fans do not have a lighting mechanism i.e. lack a bulb, but they compensate off this dilemma through their excellent work efficiency.

Portable AC vs. Split AC

Portable AC vs. Split AC: Which one is the Best?

Both portable and split air conditioners are perfectly effective in controlling the quality of air inside room. The two units are highly purchased by individuals especially during summer and winter seasons when air regulation in a room is essential. However, these units are associated with some differences in performance, cost, and long-run advantages that distinguish them significantly.

The Portable AC Unit

Portable AC vs. Split ACThe portable AC is portable and simplified equipment with all the features of air conditioners summarized in one package. It is usually less than a meter tall in height. It also has a slim width making it to occupy a little space in storage or installation. Portable AC comes with castor wheels on its bottom part. The castor wheels can be used to transfer the AC unit from one area or one room to another. Therefore, you may not need to have different AC units from your house with different rooms.

The portable AC works through drawing air and also expelling it using a similar single duct. The duct allows in cold air which is exchanged with hot air from the interior of the room. Therefore, the portable AC unit does not need a complicated system for its functioning. The portable AC’s easy and simplified system is also easy to install and can be used for various rooms successfully.

This unit operates at a power level of 2kW. Thus, it does not consume a lot of energy. As energy-efficient equipment, the portable AC enhances one to save on energy cost at home. The unit also comes with a cost of around $500-$2000. Therefore, it is a cheaper system that is effective in its designated purpose in air regulation while it also saves money in its entire cost.

The Split AC Unit

Portable AC vs. Split ACThe split AC units seems like it is directly opposite as compared to the portable AC. The unit is bigger in size and more complicated in features than the portable AC. It also hit the market earlier than the portable AC making it more popular among many people.

Split air conditioner has a condenser and an evaporator attached to its system. The evaporator is used to direct air that is needed in the room. This air may be hot or cold. On the other hand, the condenser is used to eliminate air from the room. The air may also be cold or warm depending on the weather or the conditions of the room that are being required.

The split AC operates with a power of around 3Kw to 9kW. It can be operated with remote controls or its manual operation system. The system needs to be fixed on a single place that caters for its large size and its access to external air.

While installing the unit, you need to ensure that the ducts, fan, and other feature are rightly placed. This may be a hard task which may you may not DIY. Thus, its installation may come with a cost in case a technician is hired. It also comes with a high cost of over $2000.


In comparing the portable and the split AC units, it is evident that both systems are associated with significant differences. While portable AC unit comes with a low cost, the split AC comes with a high cost. The portable AC has several benefits such as easy installation, energy-efficiency, simplified system which does not compromise on effectiveness, portability and mobility, and also durability. Therefore, the portable AC unit is far better while compared to the split system.