Portable AC vs. Split AC

Portable AC vs. Split AC: Which one is the Best?

Both portable and split air conditioners are perfectly effective in controlling the quality of air inside room. The two units are highly purchased by individuals especially during summer and winter seasons when air regulation in a room is essential. However, these units are associated with some differences in performance, cost, and long-run advantages that distinguish them significantly.

The Portable AC Unit

Portable AC vs. Split ACThe portable AC is portable and simplified equipment with all the features of air conditioners summarized in one package. It is usually less than a meter tall in height. It also has a slim width making it to occupy a little space in storage or installation. Portable AC comes with castor wheels on its bottom part. The castor wheels can be used to transfer the AC unit from one area or one room to another. Therefore, you may not need to have different AC units from your house with different rooms.

The portable AC works through drawing air and also expelling it using a similar single duct. The duct allows in cold air which is exchanged with hot air from the interior of the room. Therefore, the portable AC unit does not need a complicated system for its functioning. The portable AC’s easy and simplified system is also easy to install and can be used for various rooms successfully.

This unit operates at a power level of 2kW. Thus, it does not consume a lot of energy. As energy-efficient equipment, the portable AC enhances one to save on energy cost at home. The unit also comes with a cost of around $500-$2000. Therefore, it is a cheaper system that is effective in its designated purpose in air regulation while it also saves money in its entire cost.

The Split AC Unit

Portable AC vs. Split ACThe split AC units seems like it is directly opposite as compared to the portable AC. The unit is bigger in size and more complicated in features than the portable AC. It also hit the market earlier than the portable AC making it more popular among many people.

Split air conditioner has a condenser and an evaporator attached to its system. The evaporator is used to direct air that is needed in the room. This air may be hot or cold. On the other hand, the condenser is used to eliminate air from the room. The air may also be cold or warm depending on the weather or the conditions of the room that are being required.

The split AC operates with a power of around 3Kw to 9kW. It can be operated with remote controls or its manual operation system. The system needs to be fixed on a single place that caters for its large size and its access to external air.

While installing the unit, you need to ensure that the ducts, fan, and other feature are rightly placed. This may be a hard task which may you may not DIY. Thus, its installation may come with a cost in case a technician is hired. It also comes with a high cost of over $2000.


In comparing the portable and the split AC units, it is evident that both systems are associated with significant differences. While portable AC unit comes with a low cost, the split AC comes with a high cost. The portable AC has several benefits such as easy installation, energy-efficiency, simplified system which does not compromise on effectiveness, portability and mobility, and also durability. Therefore, the portable AC unit is far better while compared to the split system.